Albert-Schweitzer-Familienwerk e.V. has set up an ombudsman's office - protection for whistleblowers

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The Albert-Schweitzer-Familienwerk e.V. has appointed the law firm KERN CHERKEH Rechtsanwälte PartmbB as external ombudsman with effect from 01.01.2023.

"Prof. Dr. Rainer Cherkeh, lawyer and honorary professor, will take over the task as external and independent ombudsperson of the Albert-Schweitzer-Familienwerk e.V. on 01.01.2023. He specializes in receiving and processing tips and has also worked in this capacity for many years for other associations and institutions.

Our ombudsperson - in case he is prevented from doing so, one of his lawyer colleagues - is available to employees (full-time and voluntary), members, customers, patients, business partners of the Albert-Schweitzer-Familienwerk e.V. as well as other third parties as a personal contact person, in order to confidentially receive information and tips from them about possible violations of the law or rules, which are in connection with the activities and services of the Albert-Schweitzer-Familienwerk e.V.. If you are unsure how to evaluate observations or facts, please discuss this confidentially with the ombudsperson. (...)"