The new guide through sports criminal law: "Cherkeh/Momsen/Orth"

Handbuch Sportstrafrecht


The „Handbuch Sportstrafrecht“ ("Handbook of Sports Criminal Law") (published by C.H.BECK) has been available since this week. Conceived as a practical guide, the "Cherkeh/Momsen/Orth" is aimed at lawyers who come into contact with legal issues linked to the imposition of sanctions in the field of sport, from lawyers to club and association lawyers and in-house counsel to (sports) judges in ordinary, association and arbitration courts.


This handbook treats criminal sports law as a specialized subject within sports law, which is primarily characterized by complex interrelationships between state criminal law and criminal procedure law, criminal association law, civil and public sports law, other association law, and national and international arbitration law.

The presentation includes:

  • Introduction to criminal sports law

  • Detailed explanation of the basics

  • Imposition and review of penalties in sports

  • Role of state criminal law and ordinary jurisdiction

  • Interplay and interaction of state criminal and association criminal proceedings

  • Interim legal protection in state courts and arbitration courts

  • Urgent legal protection in sports association proceedings

  • Consequential matters: damages, recourse and contractual penalties

Translated reviews:

"Undeniably, it was about time for a standard work that takes on sports criminal law. Now it is available. And even if it is first and foremost addressed to the practitioners: The handbook also traces the legal handling of the numerous crises of modern professional sports, through which sports associations, clubs and their management personnel have dragged and continue to drag themselves. There are books that are indispensable in certain situations (and proceedings). This is one of them." Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung No. 48 05.12.2021


"With the "Cherkeh/Momsen/Orth" an impressive symbiosis of practice and theory of sports criminal law succeeds. Without this manual in the knapsack, one should not even compete." Judge at the Higher Regional Court Professor Dr. Matthias Jahn, Frankfurt, in: SpuRt 2/2021, p.114


"Publisher advertises the work as a "new guide through sports criminal law", and rightly so. With it, a "must have" has succeeded, which not only excellently complements the existing classic of sports law, the "Praxishandbuch Sportrecht", but which also makes it easier for dyed-in-the-wool criminal lawyers to look beyond their own nose into sports law and thus makes a valuable contribution to interdisciplinary activity." Prof. Dr. Anne Jakob, LL.M., Attorney at Law and Certified Specialist for Sports Law, Karben, in: ZAP No. 8/2021


"In any case, the user will take the handbook in hand with interest, but also with pleasure, as a balanced compilation and discussion of sports criminal law by 10 knowledgeable authors, steered by the editors Cherkeh as a lawyer, Momsen as a university lecturer and Orth as a judge." Dr. iur. Jochen Fritzweiler, Attorney at Law, Vice President of the International Sport Lawyer's Association (ISLA), Munich/Burghausen, in: SCIAMUS 1/2021


"The handbook comprehensively works through all legal issues of interest to criminal sports law. It provides a basic overview of the relevant criminal offenses, the accompanying problems of criminal procedure, aspects of sanctioning, and the consequences under civil and association law. The great benefit of the handbook lies in its balanced combination of scholarship and practice; it is to be recommended to scholars as well as to defense attorneys, lawyers for associations and societies, and judges in ordinary, association, and arbitration courts. The fact that the handbook deals with fundamental questions of law and practice in an equally convincing manner is largely due to the editors. Cherkeh, Momsen and Orth are undoubtedly among the leading sports criminal lawyers in Germany; their different perspectives as lawyers, university lecturers and judges form the basis for the holistic view of the phenomenon, punishment and consequences of sports criminal acts that the "Handbuch Sportstrafrecht" offers." Prof. Dr. Elisa Hoven, Leipzig, in: Strafverteidiger 8/2021

"The handbook delivers what it promises in every respect. It offers a guide through the entire subject of sports criminal law and comprehensively deals with the most diverse facets of this field of law. In doing so, it manages the difficult balancing act of presenting a wide-ranging cross-sectional subject in a compact and comprehensible manner, thus providing the interested reader with a quick and at the same time structured access to this field of law. Reading the handbook offers added value to a wide variety of readers. It enables the newcomer to quickly gain a foothold in this field of law, but it also offers advanced readers the opportunity to deepen their knowledge. The work therefore has the potential to become a new standard work. Anyone who is "on the road" in sports criminal law or would like to be in the future should not only refer to the handbook, but will also hardly be able to do without it in the future." Research associate Dipl.-Jur. Till Pörner, Potsdam, in: Journal for International Criminal Law Dogmatics 9/2021


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