Whistleblower systems: Prof. Cherkeh as expert witness at the Sports Committee of the German Bundestag

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From "heute im bundestag" of 15.03.2023:

"(...) Sports law expert Rainer Tarek Cherkeh also sees whistleblower systems as essential components of a compliance management system (CMS). Depending on the size, structure and relevant liability risks of the sports organisation, the appointment of an ombudsperson could also make sense, he found. The ombudsperson's task is to receive information from within or outside the association about illegal activities within the association and to pass it on to the executive board "without revealing the informant". According to the sports lawyer, such reporting offices are well established in sport - even if not yet to a sufficient extent. It does not hurt if those affected can turn to different reporting offices with their concerns. Having a choice could even be helpful, Cherkeh said. (...)"