Missed Test

All athletes in the RTP and NTP test pools submit their whereabouts information to an internet-based database of WADA ("ADAMS") for the purpose of control planning, which NADA also works with. For athletes who belong to an international or national testing pool, the consequences of a "Missed Test Decision" by NADA can be serious. This is because if there are three reporting or control failures within 12 months, this leads to a ban of 2 years according to the NADA Code, but at least - depending on the degree of fault - 1 year.


However, the situation for athletes does not only become dicey with the third "Missed Test". The requirements of the NADA Code and its standards to be observed by athletes are very complex and demanding. Against this backdrop, the risk of being imposed another "Missed Test" within 12 months is not insignificant.


The test pool athletes confronted with a possible failure to report and control, who are always given the opportunity to comment by NADA before a „Missed Test“ is imposed, should therefore always critically examine the justification of the accusations made against them and, if necessary, make use of the "Administrative Review"; however, not only after the second or third „Missed Test“ accusation.


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