Central Reporting Office for Manipulation of Sports Competitions Launched in Germany

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During a meeting of the National Platform to Combat Manipulation of Sports Competitions, Mahmut Özdemir, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Bundesinnenministerium (BMI) (Federal Ministry of the Interior), today launched the Central Reporting Office for Manipulation of Sports Competitions in Germany. The Sports Manipulation Reporting Office is being set up and funded on the initiative of the BMI. It can be reached immediately at www.meldestelle-sportmanipulation.de

Translated from the BMI press release dated 04.05.2022:

„Sports betting fraud or manipulation of sports competitions can be reported via the new whistleblower system. Special priority in the establishment of the new whistleblowing system is given to confidentiality and comprehensive legal advice. On request, the complete anonymity of the whistleblower is guaranteed and his or her identity is protected. This applies both to the use of the electronic reporting system and to personal consultation.


The manipulation of sports competitions poses one of the greatest threats to the integrity of sport and damages the credibility, transparency and fairness of sports competitions. The new whistleblower system goes beyond what has been offered by organized sports to date and is not limited to individual sports competitions, sports or organizational levels.


The Sports Manipulation Reporting Office consists of a technical system that provides a secure reporting infrastructure and a law firm as the content reporting office.


The reports are sent to a law firm specializing in sports law and sports criminal law (KERN CHERKEH from Hanover), which has many years of relevant expertise in these areas of law. The law firm advises whistleblowers completely independently of sports federations and other third parties and points out all possibilities that the whistleblower can initiate. The hotline operates completely independently, including from the government client.“