Crisis management in sports businesses - 2nd revised edition published

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The 2nd edition of "Krisenmanagement in Sportbetrieben" (ed.: Wadsack / Cherkeh) has recently become available. In addition to the two editors, renowned authors from the teaching and practice of sports management and sports law have also contributed to this edition (Prof. Dr. Jan F. Orth LL.M., Cologne; Prof. Dr. Maria Ratz, Bad Homburg; Dr. Marc Tenbücken, Munich).

From the preface to the 2nd edition:

"No one expected it: Ghost games, match cancellations, league cancellations, the shutting down of sports club operations and fitness and other sports facilities. Corona suddenly made crisis management necessary in the sports sector as well. There was an immediate need to respond to official orders, save resources and maintain ties with members, fans and customers. This has led to diverse, sometimes very creative and committed solutions at various organisations in sport. Born out of necessity. Crisis management at its best. And even shrewd risk management did not have such a development on its radar in advance.

These experiences, at the latest, have prompted us to revisit the topic of "Crisis Management in Sports Enterprises", which was taken up in the first edition in 2006, and to bring it up to date. Even if Corona is not the dominant content of the volume, the references will be taken up again and again, the experience is too impressive for that. Especially since now, in mid-2022, further developments are not yet foreseeable. However, the topic of pandemics is now within the horizon of risk management. Two years of experience must be reflected.

In this second edition, in addition to the introduction to crisis and risk management, there is an elaboration on the implementation of compliance management systems with regard to crisis prevention. This is followed by a legal classification of crisis situations in sports enterprises. Communication with all relevant actors in the environment of the crisis organisation also plays an important role in crisis situations. In a further contribution, specific legal effects of the pandemic on sports businesses are examined.

A consideration of the specific risk aspects of sporting events and special features arising from the increasing importance of digitalisation conclude this volume. (...)."